Free Craps Game

The craps game is one of the free casino games. When did people start to play the crap game? This game was created so many years ago, probably Before Christ. The recovery of a dice in Egypt proved that the game was popular 6 thousand years ago. Not only was it popular in Egypt but in Rome and Greece as well. In the recent past, the craps game has been on the list of the free casino games.

So, how is the game played? Well, this is how: –
The crap game is generally a betting game that is played using two dice. The first throw of the dice indicates whether you have won or lost and this is determined by the total of the two dice. If the total is eleven or seven, then you are a lucky winner. If the total is two, three or twelve, then you lose. With the other numbers other than the mentioned appear, then it becomes the point number that should be tossed before a seven. If in any case the seven should appear before the point number, then you lose and this is the time that you give a chance to the second player to place his bet.

The game is however different when you play it online. First, you have to place the amount that you are willing to wager. Second, you must place the bet by clicking on any particular spot of your choice. After that the cursor gives the odds by indicating the suitable spot that you would have placed your bet. It is an exciting game in the category of the free casino games, so it is highly recommended for people who like to have fun.