What are the best payout casino games

If you were in a local casino you may notice many of the high rollers playing video poker. The reason for this is that the payouts on it is much better than other games without risking as much. When you hit you get paid real well and you do hit often at least your bet back where as when your playing slots you may hit on almost every spin but you will only win back a faction of your bet so unless you hit something real good your slowing dwindling down your money or fast depending on the game. The odds of hitting a bit return on slots doesn’t happen very often. This all is different online, the video poker will pay but not as often as the games are not played as much and slots is where you will get your better returns. Of course you may lose awhile before ever hitting and you many need to change which game you play until you find one that is paying.


Other casino games that are decent are table games but you need to understand them more than just pushing a button. These are not for every player and it is basically just playing back and fourth for a long time until you do hit something that could pay on the odds. Keno is one of the worst casino games to play anywhere as it always has had the lowest pays out of all games. Almost like hitting the lottery which we all know doesn’t happen often. You can try out these for free online at casino places which do not require a purchase and see how it goes.